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I heard that the former Republican campaign managers want Obama to win. They even sent him strategies on how to beat Hilary. Does this mean anything?

Obama is good in that he is bringing in new voters, young and from different races. But can he comfort the established voters (retired, and female) to have confidence in voting for him, to know that he will support their needs? By the way, he didn't really vote for anything, just stated that he was present (copout and he knew he was running for the Presidency). Will we have a lame duck president in his first year?
In terms of precedence, there is a stronger chance that he can lose the election if he is nominated, because the last time the same new and young group of voters voted in the 2000 election for Nader, our current president benefited it. I just hope the same does not happen. Most are saying that he has not shown any specifics to his plan when he becomes president (underpromiser). This is a good strategy in that he can just mark his successes and write off his failures as it happens. In contrast to Hilary (Overpromiser) who is listing the details which can become a measure of her failures.

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary...
Why is baggage, stuck to her as if it were her middle name? On the other hand, what is so bad about her baggage? I personally think if she were nominated, she would win. There are more democrats registered, and there are more registered women voters in this country who would probably vote for her if it was between her and Mccain. Republicans are very aware of this.
One thing is certain, I wish she would be a bit more motherly. A bit more warm, charming, I don't know, am I asking too much.... She scares me sometimes.

Mccain is smart, but I don't think he can win. No matter how much he can woo the conservatives, it will be hard to get the non republican votes. As long as he supports the war which will erode into Social Security, majority of the retired registered voters will be comfortable with having him in the White House.
In general.....
He has been a Republican, an independent, than a Republican. I think he is more of a flip flopper than anybody else.
If he wants to win, he needs the help of the establishment (long time registered voters) and once he has their support, he can win. To win their support, he should focus on securing their financial future (social security).

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