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Rebuilding After Katrina

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Bill B.

I haven't read the book, but I did listen to the interview. I also agree that democracy in the USA is broken. Potential voters may say that they are turned off by the corruption of both parties, as Hirschhorn claims, but my take is that what American's are turned off by most is the "one size fits all" approach a two party system must offer. In all other aspects of our lives we have come to expect a large choice as to what we consume. As I sit here I'm trying to think of one thing we consume as Americans that hasn't undergone a radical change in the last 50 years in terms of choice and (sometimes) quality. So why not politics?
When I talk to friends, both left and right(yes, I have some!) they say their biggest turnoff is the "big tent" aspect of the two party system. I tend to agree.
But then again I have 350 channels of digital cable and there's still nothing good on tonight!

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