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Note that the guy had the presence of mind to shout "This is your Patriot Act" and his classmate had the presence of mind to ask for the police officers' badge numbers.

Kissinger is running a Vietnam-style war again (and he says it can't be won militarily), students are getting brutalized again, in fact it's much like 1968 but I don't think there's likely to be a Summer of Love again.

Tasers are instruments intended to deprive victims of their dignity and self-determination. Simple violence is more honest. The police could have frog-marched him -- i.e. grabbed his arms and legs and physically carried him. They chose to inflict the maximum amount of pain, humiliation, and Catch-22 Orwellianism. First they tase him so that he can't walk, then they tell him to walk or they'll tase him again. George Orwell told us this would happen.

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