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John Dalhaus

I agree. Now if we could only get everyone in this country to take action....

Garry Chute

Regarding your theory that global warming is caused by man. Firstly your about ten thousand years too late to lay the blame on man. Global warming and cooling is a natural pattern that has been going on for millions of years. Where is it written that our poles should be or should not be covered in ice. I drive across on my way to work what was a very large river, the Bow in S.Alberta. The first set of banks are about 1 mile across and rise 100 feet, the second set of banks are 1 1/4 mile across and rise another 50 feet. At one time a heck of a lot of water was flowing thru these channels on two seperate occasions or melts if you like. My point is the real global warming has happened, and just as fall follows summer we will see another huge melt but not before we see the cool down. I think everybody should take some time to think about where we are in this particular global cycle, we are not at the beginning of global warming, we are at the end. Once we loose the polar cap and the marine currents stop, grab a coat.


Gary, I have some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you. It'll be much more temperate once the big freeze you await sets in and the gators will move south. Really valuable land!

What'a ya say?

Climate Change Australia blog

Good article. It always baffles me how people cannot see the common sense here. It's not worth risking the health of the entire planet by not acting, even if there is a chance that we are wrong.

Mold Testing Tampa

Great article...we must discuss more of public interest and to make each other aware of these facts.

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