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I've been following your posts about global warming, and wanted to alert you to You can calculate your carbon footprint and donate money equivalent to the amount it would take to clean that up, thus helping on an individual basis the way Kyoto was supposed to help on an international basis. This way, even if you can't clear your immediate environment of your carbon emissions, you can help someone else reduce theirs. The funds go to installing alternative energy systems in underdeveloped and indigent areas, including areas of the United States.


Hey Carl-

Good idea, thanks. I'll post something about carbonfund as well.


Apart from carbon dioxide related issue, there are yet a few other benefits in keeping the tire pressure at the correct level, they are, better fuel efficiency, more uniform wear and tear of the tires, and most importantly, it improves the safe handling of the vehicle.

Interestingly, as recent survey done show that while over 70% of car owners wash their car regularly, only a mere 15% maintain their tire pressure consistently, which is something rather important.

Surveys and studies show that underinflated tire is a contributing factor to many avoidable accidents.

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