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Thank you for mentioning our free service to editors and webmasters who may not have the budgets to buy copy, yet want great consumer editorial for their readers.
The Editor Rewards program was slightly mischaracterized by you..let me clarify...
We have over 4,000 newspapers using our free service and 18 years history.
This year the 2 national clipping services merged..we felt we would allocate the $2/clipping to reward editors that are using us to send copies of those missing tearsheets...
I doubt $2 would get any editor to run copy that doesn't help serve his readers. Our copy is in Associated Press Style and color photos and free. See for yourself and then see why our copy is better than copy editors and webmasters used to pay for.


mediaman- I'm glad to hear that I only slightly mischaracterized your free service. Thanks for clarifying everything.

Our Mayor only spent $103 per vote winning re-election here in NYC and he thought that was a reasonable amount per person too. the way, tell me about the following excerpt:

"In exchange for running NewsUSA features wholesale, these lucky editors will win valuable prizes, like:

GE Refrigerator
Weber Genesis Gas Grill
Portable DVD Player"

..expecting alot of $2 referrals?

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